Seductive... "Hibiscus Tattoo Designs", Are Well Favored Not Only For Their Aesthetic Value!
But, Are Also A Popular Piece For "Females" Looking For A "Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Design"

Hibiscus Tattoo Designs


Did You Know...

That "Hibiscus Tattoo Designs", Are A Symbol Of Delicate Beauty!

This Is Due To,

The "Hibiscus Flower"... Only Opens For Just A Short Period Of Time Everyday!

When You Are Looking For "Hibiscus Tattoo Designs"... It Is Important
To Pick One Style That Symbolize You!

Interestingly Enough...

A Red "Hibiscus Tattoo Design", Behind A Girl’s Right Ear!


I Have A "Lover"


ehind Her Left Ear... Means!

I Seek A "Lover”.

A "Hibiscus Tattoo Design", Can Also Stand For...

Seize The Moment Or Opportunity... When The Hibiscus Flower Blooms!

It's Comparable To...

A Fleeting Moment... Which Can End Anytime Soon!

Another Symbolic Meaning Of An Hibiscus Tattoo Designs Is It's... Delicate By Beauty... And Consumed By Love!

A "Hibiscus Flower"... Also Works Great For A "Hawaiian Tattoo",


They Come In A
 Variety Of Colours!

Consisting Of Pink, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Lavender, A
nd Orange.

The Hibiscus Flower... While Native To Asia, And The Pacific Islands!

Comes In Over 200 Species.

These Hibiscus Tattoo Designs Blooms... Belong To A Variety Of Hibiscus Flowers Found Around The World!

Like It's Genetic Variety...

A "Hibiscus Tat" Has Various Meanings Specific To Europe, Hawaii, India, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Egypt, And Japan!

Just To Name, A Few...

A Common Flower Found In the Pacific Islands


The "Ma 'O Hau Hele" Found In Hawaiian Islands!

It Is Also!

The State Flower Of Hawaii...

The "Hibiscus Flower"

Is Also Used As...

Hibiscus Tat

A Presented Or Welcome Gift...

For Visiting State Officials, Or Tourists

Often In The Form Of A Necklace... Or Lei.

Women Also Wear The Flower Bloom Behind Their Ears.

Here Are A Few Meanings...

Behind The Left Ear, A "Hibiscus Flower" Represents A
Woman... As A Desirous Lover;

Behind The Right Ear, The Woman Is Taken;

Behind Both Ears...

The Woman Is Taken... And, Prefers Another Lover.

A "Hibiscus Tat" Is Also Commonly Seen As...

A Tribal Hibiscus Tattoo.

Hibiscus Flower Pictures

It Represents... "Old Royalty"

And, Is Meant To Bring Power And Respect... Plus, Is A Sign Of Hospitality.

The Japanese Language Regarding Flowers... Is Known As "Hanakotoba"

A Hibiscus Tattoo, Could Also Mean...

Or... Represents The Friendly Customs Of
 The Japanese People.

For Chinese People...

The Hibiscus Rose, Holds Various Meanings.

Some Chinese People, I
dentify The Hibiscus Rose... With Wealth And Fame!

While Others...

Associate It To A Delicate F
lower... Or A Young Female Virgin?

In Malaysia...

The "Bunga Raya", Is The Nation's National Flower...

It Represents Life And Courage... And, Is Seen On T
he Nation's Currency!

These Hibiscus Tattoo Designs... Are Considered Exotic!

Lot's Of Women These Days... Are Choosing To Get "Hibiscus
attoo Designs" On Their Foot.

One Reason... Might Be?

The Colours Used... With A Hibiscus Tattoo Design...

Which Are...

Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink, Lavender, B
lue, Purple
Or Green!

Also! A Hibiscus Tat, Could Be Place On...

Ankles, Arms, Chest, Feet, Stomach, Or Your Back...

As For Women!

Hibiscus Tat Designs

They Put These Hibiscus Tat' s... On There Lower Back, Around There Belly Button, Thighs,
And... Butt Cheeks.

Also, With A Hibiscus Tat Design!

It Could Be Used To... Commemorate An U
nforgettable Moment!

Spent On A Hawaiian Island.

Hibiscus Tattoo Designs, Are Not Only Beautiful, And Have Multiple Meanings!
They Have An
 Endless Amount Of Designs And Colours, To Choose From.

When Getting Your hibiscus Tattoo Design!

It's Important...

That A Professional Tattoo Artist... Designs It For "YOU"

With His Drawing Skills... He Will M
ake Your Hibiscus
Flower Come Alive!

With His D
elicate Tattooing Skills.

Just, Remember...

It's Important...

Hibiscus Flower

A Hibiscus Flower Tattoo... Is An Attractive "Centerpiece".


With Y
our Hibiscus Design...

You Want Depth And B
alance... To Flow Through It!

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Mind Blowing! "Hot" "Hibiscus Tattoo" Designs... Learn The Meanings, That Are Related To A "Hibiscus Tattoo Designs"!
You'll Learn How... To Choose The Right
"Hibiscus Tattoo Design", "Floral Tattoos"
"Hawaiian Tattoos" Or A... "Pink Hibiscus
Tattoo"... That Has A Great... "Meaning", "Colour" And "Style" Attach To It...

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